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John W. Bristol & Co., Inc., is a privately owned, independent investment adviser. We were established in 1954 as the successor to a firm founded in 1937 to advise the endowment funds of Princeton University and Swarthmore College. We still proudly serve those clients. Bristol, as we are known, concentrates on tax-exempt portfolios, with our primary emphasis being endowments and foundations. We currently manage approximately $6.1 Billion for 82 clients.

We are deliberately a small firm, owned 100% by employees. Our investment professionals all have backgrounds in research, which range from 15 to more than 40 years. As most of us have covered a variety of industries, our expertise overlaps, creating a sound platform for shared decision-making. Each of us, however, also has a specific area of investment responsibility - such as companies or industries. We all contribute our perspectives to assessing every investment the firm makes.

Thus, we quite consciously make decisions as a group, to capitalize on our combined knowledge and experience. We can apply such rigorous analysis to investments because of our focus: Bristolís portfolios are all similar. As comfortable as we are with our demonstrably successful investment process, we are continually seeking to refine the methodology as well as enhance the intellectual capital that underpins it.

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  • Organized in 1937 as investment advisor to Princeton and Swarthmore endowments

  • Independent investment counselor, owned by partners

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