About John W. Bristol & Co.

John W. Bristol & Co. is a privately owned, independent investment adviser. We were established in 1937 to advise college and university endowment funds. In addition to endowments, we also serve charitable foundations, trusts, high net worth individuals, partnerships, as well as pension and other institutional clients. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. The firm is owned by employees and is an independent registered investment adviser.

Our firm is owned 100% by employees.  All partners have equity in the firm and are personally invested in the same portfolios we construct for our clients.  We are structured such that we only do well when we serve our clients well.  All partners are solely focused on the investment process, with experience in fundamental research and portfolio construction that ranges from almost fifteen years to more than fifty.  The average tenure of the partners at the firm is more than twenty years, which provides stability to our organization as well as a deep, broad-ranging well of expertise.  We work as a team, trying to leverage our different individual talents as well as the benefits of shared perspectives.

Our long-standing investment process has a number of distinctive features: it is research intensive, with each partner participating in in-depth fundamental analysis of companies and securities; it is rooted in informed assessments of the normalized earnings power, growth potential, and valuations of businesses that we can understand; it is focused on individual stock and bond selection in the context of creating diversified, risk-appropriate portfolios; and it has a long-term investment horizon spanning five to fifteen years.  The market keeps us humble, and we continuously attempt to improve our process.

We manage equity, fixed income, and balanced separate accounts as well as a commingled equity fund.  We keep our fees low so that our net results for clients are superior and we can develop and maintain long-term relationships.  Our goal is to deliver outstanding investment performance for our clients and to treat them as we would want to be treated.