About Us

Our clients have trusted John W. Bristol to safeguard and grow their investments since 1937. We are passionate about investing and maintain a resolute focus on our one line of business: constructing portfolios to help clients achieve their goals. Over our history, we have demonstrated a culture and an investment approach that have been distinctive, durable, and effective over many decades and various market cycles.

Firm Facts

We have been a stable, trusted partner to our clients for generations.


Year Founded



$5.8 billion

Assets under management

17 years

Avg. tenure of employees

15 years

Avg. tenure of clients

As of December 31, 2023

Our Principles

We maintain an unwavering commitment to our core principles, which are timeless and foundational to our culture and investment process.

Client Alignment

Bristol has only one business: managing our clients’ portfolios. Our employees have a material co-investment alongside our clients.

Long-Term Focus

Our average investment holding period exceeds five years, and our client relationships average almost two decades.

Collective Process

We believe fostering a transparent, collaborative environment leads to higher-quality decision-making and superior investment results.

Research Driven

In-depth fundamental research is at the heart of everything we do. Every investment professional is a research analyst.

Our History