“Making sure we have the right team in place is a critical part of my role as president. With all hires, Bristol seeks talented professionals with the utmost integrity, high intellectual capacity, and passion for their work.”
– Jim Engle, President

“The culture at Bristol sets us apart. Each investment professional has a unique perspective, but a shared purpose and passion for investing. We are all aligned with the success of the portfolio and are not afraid to challenge each other’s ideas while being respectful of every voice.”
– Adam Feit, Managing Director

“At Bristol, strong values – both investment and personal – permeate every aspect of the company. Our team is extremely bright, creative, intuitive and not satisfied with the status quo. There is always someone looking for ways to improve our processes, and always thinking about how we can do better for our clients.”
– Ileen Katz, Executive Assistant

Having the right people in our firm and maintaining our client-first, team-oriented culture have been integral to Bristol’s ability to serve clients successfully for the past eight decades.

We consider candidates who can bring new skills, experiences, and perspectives while embracing our long-term, thorough, and team-based approach to investing.

For employment opportunities contact, please reach out to: